January 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write some writing goals for the new year, and share them at the forums!
  2. Write about an unhappy New Year’s eve.
  3. Answer the FUM and write a scene or story about one of them.
  4. Finish something you didn’t finish last year.
  5. Write something inspired by your favorite song.
  6. Write about a pleasant surprise
  7. Write about an unpleasant surprise
  8. Taking one’s medicine
  9. Write about a red hooded sweatshirt
  10. Tell an old story from a new POV
  11. Write a journal entry for a character who is on a journey.
  12. Clean your slate: Write something, anything, on a blank sheet of paper.
  13. Describe your favorite meal. Be sensory.
  14. Write a nonsense poem.
  15. Close your eyes and write about the first thing that pops into your mind.
  16. Write about a stuffed animal.
  17. Write five of your favorite recipes and give them to a friend.
  18. Tell a story from a picture.
  19. Do something you’ve always wanted to try, but never did.
  20. Describe your grandmother’s house.
  21. Write a story where one of the characters is a refugee.
  22. Write about the “middle of nowhere”.
  23. Write about a celebrity you like.
  24. Write about a cocktail party.
  25. Write about the repercussions of a Supreme Court decision.
  26. Write about eating spaghetti.
  27. Write about a purple bag.
  28. Write about a card game.
  29. Create a character who is incredibly happy.
  30. Write about a pot-luck dinner
  31. Write about the sounds at a basketball game.
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