I is for Influences

A Pen In Each Hand

By Billiard

Mira Grant says:

My influences are many and varied and faintly insane. I mean, you’ve got the literary, like Stephen King and Shakespeare and Tanya Huff and Diane Duane. But you’ve also got Wes Craven and Chris Claremont and everyone who wrote for Warren Comics during the Creepy and Eerie era, and the writers for the old 1980s horror television, like Monsters and Tales from the Darkside. Peter S. Beagle, Walt Disney, the Brothers Grimm, Sir Child, whoever wrote the scripts for the My Little Pony cartoons, the Counting Crows, Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, Joss Whedon and Stan Lee… I’m like a weird human magpie that just sort of grabs things, mashes them together, and then attacks them with cookie cutters until they start looking like the literary equivalent of food.

Taking a cue from Mira, this month’s exercise is to look beyond the literary for your cultural influences. Think about your past and present favorite movies, TV shows, music, etc. Pick out a few of the recurring elements (the more disparate the better!), mash them together, and try using the mash-up as the core of your next project.

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