Haunted Ideas for Halloween

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. Write a story based on the urban legend of “Bloody Mary”—teens summoning magical visions using a mirror and the repetition of the phrase “Bloody Mary.” What happens next? Something expected or something unusual?
  2. Write about a building originally designed to be a skyscraper but built on its side so it’s long with straight, parallel corridors meant to be elevator shafts. What is it used for? What mysterious forces might be upset by this change?
  3. Use a past “Dead of Winter” theme to inspire a horror story. These include: The Longest Night Of The Year; Death and Winter; The Ghost & The Darkness; The House At The End of the Road; The Souvenirs or Trophies of a Returned Soldier; The Haunted Lighthouse; Urban Legend; Alaska; Alternative Santa; Blood River Bridge; Ventriloquist; The Hidden Grave; and Skull and Bones.
  4. Enter the 2012 “Dead of Winter” contest using the theme “Heart and Soul”
  5. Research phobias, find one that you don’t find all that frightening, and create a character with that phobia.
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