Give It Away

A Pen In Each Hand

By Beaver

Copyright can be both comforting and frustrating. As a writer, it’s good to know your work is protected from exploitation. At the same time, asking for permission to use others’ work is a hassle many would prefer to avoid. When you were in school, did your teachers always seem to focus on long-dead writers? Maybe it’s because their work was in the public domain. Shakespeare’s not charging anyone royalties these days.

Do your bit for the commons. Choose something you’ve written, perhaps something you’ve already published and don’t intend to re-sell, put a Creative Commons license on it, and put it online. A CC license allows others to use your work (make copies of it, distribute it, etc.) without having to ask you for permission to do so. Think about how cool it would be if a teacher looking for some fresh material found your story and decided to use it in her class.

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