Four Exercises

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. At Chasms and Crags, suggest topics or terms you would like to see in a future Writer’s Glossary article.
  2. If you don’t have a “beta reader,” find one. If you’re shy about asking friends for feedback, join a writing community (like ours) and establish yourself. Become a reader for other writers and your constructive feedback will not only bring you invitations to become a beta reader but also offers like “Is there something I could look at for you?”
  3. Visit the remainder table at your local bookstore with a budget in mind. Take a chance on one or two books that look interesting. Give yourself a New Year’s gift!
  4. Resolve to finish that story or novel in 2011. When it’s done, send it for publication, begin sending queries to agents or investigate print on demand options.
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