For Kids: Make a Book, Tell a Story!

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. Make some books as craft projects. Here are two places to begin: and Blue Roof Designs. You might need some adult help for some of these. Both pages are safe for all ages (clicking around Pinterest, off of this particular board, you might want adult supervision or approval).
  2. Use paper and crayon, sidewalk chalk and the pavement, or a drawing program to create a town. Draw the houses and buildings or just plan out the roads. Think about what happens in the houses, the businesses, and parks. Write a story or poem based on your town.
  3. Write a rhyming poem about one of the following: an apple, skipping rope, a beach ball, a red sweater/jumper. Make your poem four lines per stanza and three stanzas long or write rhyming couplets (two lines together, all of the second lines rhyme).
  4. Play outside with a friend. Act out an adventure (astronauts, pirates, animal rescuers, princesses, etc.) and have fun. When your playtime is over, write a story about what you played (you can always change the details).
  5. Rewrite a fairy tale or folk tale with new characters or a new ending. For example, what if Sleeping Beauty was already awake and had to rescue the prince instead? What if Little Red Riding Hood was a wolf? What if the Little Mermaid lived in the Indian Ocean?
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