Focus Your Writing

A Pen In Each Hand

By Beaver

Your reasons for writing and what you hope to achieve through your work will change as you develop as a writer (and sometimes even while you’re working on a piece), so it’s a good idea to occasionally re-evaluate why you write.

Stay focused while you are working on a project by always keeping the reasons why you are writing and who you are writing for in mind. If you find yourself drifting or bogging down, revisit these questions.

  1. Why do you write (in general)?
  2. Why do you write [genre(s)]? (e.g., why do you write fiction?)
  3. Why are you writing this particular piece?
  4. Who is your audience for this piece? Why will it appeal to them?
  5. Is there anyone who you don’t want to read this piece? Why? Can you make sure it doesn’t happen? If not, is there another way you could write about the subject where you wouldn’t have that concern?
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