February 2005
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Your narrator’s name is P. R. Lundt. Write your opening paragraphs.
  2. Write a story or poem using light as a main element.
  3. Your deadline is in one hour. Write 500 words.
  4. Write a paragraph of memoir (non-fic or fiction).
  5. Submit something today and tell everyone you’ve done so.
  6. Invest in your writing today (ex: buy a technique book or longhand journal).
  7. Set up a writing blog and share your work or blog about being a writer.
  8. The character’s name is Sophie Jones. Write a pp about her.
  9. Write about someone who hasn’t eaten for two days.
  10. Take a piece you’ve started and have the narrator change his/her appearance.
  11. Use your writing time today to expand on a FUM prompt.
  12. Write about a very tall man doing something intricate with his hands.
  13. Write about a Sunday dinner.
  14. Use an arrow as a symbol in a story or poem.
  15. The antagonist’s name is Ophelia Dunraven. Write a chase scene.
  16. An object has shattered. What is it?
  17. Write a story in dialogue-only. No speech tags! Then post it on a forum.
  18. Write about a dog basking in the sun.
  19. Watch a movie today and pay attention to the screenplay’s structure.
  20. In a 26-sentence story, start each sentence w/ a different letter.
  21. Write about a billboard.
  22. The character’s name is James Kilgore. Write what happens when he gets home.
  23. Write three haiku, each about something you can sense right now.
  24. Write a letter longhand. Mail it, put it away or use it in a story.
  25. If you could change your name, what would you pick? Rename a character today.
  26. Walk in a busy place. Write about someone or something you encountered.
  27. Write about a circle or ring.
  28. Include these in your story or poem: water, wind, earth and flame.
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