February 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Take your journal and write somewhere unusual.
  2. Make up your own weather superstition and write a story about it.
  3. Start with “While I was sitting in traffic on the DC Beltway, I realized…”
  4. Write about a character who is unemployed.
  5. Write about the best chocolate chip cookie in the world.
  6. Change the technology in your story
  7. Stuck? Watch a movie known for its screenplay
  8. Have someone interupt the action in the last scene you wrote
  9. Invest a small amount of money in your writing today
  10. Write longhand for a few minutes around lunchtime
  11. Write about something warm.
  12. Write about icicles.
  13. Describe your hands.
  14. Write a romantic scene that includes chocolate.
  15. Write a scene that features a florist’s boquet.
  16. Write about a historical event as it would take place today.
  17. Write about your twin.
  18. Write about your favorite childhood game.
  19. Compose a poem about a work of art.
  20. Research a contest, then enter it.
  21. Describe speech 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  22. Start with: “The mother slapped the plates down on the table…”
  23. Write about a serendipitous event.
  24. Use these words: adopt, kindred, light.
  25. List 5 life “forks”; describe the outcome had you chosen differently at one.
  26. Write a scene in the present tense.
  27. Write about flying.
  28. Create a new color name. Describe your color.
  29. Write about life on another planet.
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