February 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a day without sunshine.
  2. Write about a groundhog
  3. Write about a man who chews tobacco
  4. Write five sentences without using the letter T.
  5. Write about a mistake you learned from.
  6. Use a writer as your narrator
  7. Write longhand for at least fifteen solid minutes
  8. Write a story based on a myth
  9. Write a story based on a true experience
  10. Write about a Monday-morning weekend-hangover
  11. Write a new myth to explain why the sun rises.
  12. Write about something that feels soft.
  13. Explain why a particular good luck charm is lucky.
  14. Write about hearts or roses.
  15. Begin with “The roses are withered now…”
  16. Write an anti-love story.
  17. Describe a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but never have.
  18. Write about your family vacation.
  19. Take your journal to a cafe.
  20. Window shop.
  21. Write about a war on _________.
  22. Use a favorite album as a soundtrack for a story/essay.
  23. Draw Scrabble tiles until you have a word. Start a story/poem with that word
  24. Use an eyecatching billboard in a story.
  25. Write a speech introducing the winner of “Moron of Year”.
  26. Start with “The temptation …”
  27. Write about an honorable deed.
  28. Write about a second childhood.
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