February 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about saying goodbye.
  2. Write about something that could happen on Groundhog Day.
  3. Write about riding the bus.
  4. Write about your favorite stuffed animal.
  5. Write about a surprise meeting.
  6. Write about the smell of a new baby.
  7. Write about sweating.
  8. Write about a drive in a car.
  9. Write about nail polish on toenails.
  10. Write about melting ice cubes.
  11. Base events in a scene on one of today’s horoscopes.
  12. Write about a train ride.
  13. Write a scene using a conversation you overheard today.
  14. Write about an unlikely couple in love.
  15. Write about a walk in the woods.
  16. Write about a big party.
  17. Start a story that begins with the letter Z.
  18. Write about hair.
  19. Post an old story at a TC board.
  20. Create the text for a greeting card.
  21. Schedule a writing appointment and keep it.
  22. Write down *all* your excuses. Show the list to a writing buddy.
  23. Write a story about what’s happening in this painting.
  24. Go for a walk, then Write about something you saw/experienced while walking.
  25. Write about a family member.
  26. Write about a specific fabric
  27. Turn on a radio & Write about the first thing you hear
  28. Write about a leap… or one not
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