Fan Fiction

A Pen In Each Hand

By Boots

Simple Start: Write out in words what’s going on in your favorite movie scene. For example, when Rick puts Ilsa on the plane to the states from “Casablanca”. Use all the writing tricks you know to show us the scene. Include all the dialog.

Medium Start: Write a 1000 word episode story for a television show. (You can choose to do script writing here, if you so desire.) You don’t have to do an entire episode, stop at 1000 words, but it does have to be unique (not done on that show before) while remaining true to the show’s theme and characters. For example, you could write a scene from your soap opera that concludes a current story line. Or you could write an episode for “That ’80s Show”.

Hard Start: Write a 2000 word fan fiction story based on a television show, movie, or novel. Create your own characters and put them into your favorite worlds, or put your favorite characters in other worlds or situations. Use everything you know about the original to create something of your own. For example, you could put a descendant of Frodo’s on the throne of Middle Earth.

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