Exercises for Teen Writers

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. Create a physical book or zine. If you want to make a book that looks like it belongs in a bookstore, try Magcloud.com, Lulu.com, CreateSpace, Café Press and/or your local printing shops or office supply stores, etc. Look at the inside covers of books to learn where/how they’re printed, particularly in the “local interest” section of bookstores. Read our article about “print on demand” to learn about publishing terms and consult an adult if/when contracts or other agreements are involved.
  2. Write a short story or poem and share it with a relative or friend. Don’t ask for feedback or critique unless you feel you’re ready for it. Read our article on accepting critiques.
  3. Write something secret, just for you to read.
  4. Visit age-appropriate online writing forums to see how feedback is given, what it means, how writers interact, etc. Toasted Cheese is appropriate for writers 13 and over. If in doubt, have an adult visit writing communities with you.
  5. Create your own writing group and meet to share your writing and talk about writing. Your local bookstores or libraries might be willing to help you create a writing group or to provide a meeting place. Begin with friends and people you trust, not only for your personal safety but for a comfortable sharing environment.
  6. Search for images that inspire you. Do a Google image search for specific words, artists, photographers, etc. and write a story or poem based on what you find.


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