December 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Introduce yourself all month as a writer
  2. Read an article on writing technique
  3. Two characters are snowbound. What happens?
  4. Write about a non-December holiday
  5. Write about a character who gets engaged
  6. Use this week to write a DOW story
  7. Set a story in the days of radio
  8. Research online markets for your writing
  9. Write a fable for our times
  10. What did you do today? Have a character do the same.
  11. Write a story all in dialogue. No speech tags!
  12. Write about weather you’d consider the opposite of what you’re having today
  13. Write an article on writing, then why not query it?
  14. Write a “what happens next” for a fairy tale or nursery rhyme
  15. Write about an art forger
  16. Write about a writer
  17. Write about a diner at midnight
  18. Write about someone creating something with his/her hands
  19. Write about a deadline. Include consequences of missing it.
  20. Write a character whose birthday falls on or near a holiday
  21. Start with: “If he is awake early enough the boy sees…”
  22. Use these words: nemesis, triumphant, battle.
  23. Describe movement 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  24. List 5 streets in your neighborhood; write for 3 minutes on each.
  25. Write about being true to yourself.
  26. Write about an unexpected return
  27. Read some poetry or short stories today
  28. Write one paragraph of backstory for an existing character
  29. Write about a character eating while something else is going on
  30. Use the theme of “silver and gold”
  31. Dust off an unfinished piece and add an ending before midnight!
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