December 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Begin with … The Bull charged
  2. Write about a badminton game.
  3. Describe a pair of dancing shoes.
  4. Write a character bio of a fish farmer.
  5. Be funny. Delineate the uses of hairspray.
  6. Write about your favorite chair.
  7. Write about a swimmer.
  8. Do dogs think? Write an article defending your theory.
  9. Write a dialogue of two roommates arguing.
  10. Start with “I think this compass is broken”
  11. Write about a man who wears ugly neckties.
  12. Write about a woman who smokes a pipe.
  13. Research the history of the harmonica.
  14. Write about a shopping frenzy.
  15. Begin with “The pump dripped”
  16. Play your favorite game.
  17. Write about a sickness or disease.
  18. Write about a ritual.
  19. Write about a nightmare.
  20. Write about something ironic.
  21. Write a letter to the editor. (Mailing it is optional.)
  22. Write a parody of a Christmas song or story.
  23. Finish something you’ve started.
  24. Write about your favorite holiday or holiday memory.
  25. Write about what you’re most proud of this year.
  26. Describe the sensation of a paper cut.
  27. Write about a table setting.
  28. Write about a crimson kimono.
  29. Describe the flavor of olive oil.
  30. Write your Holiday Thank-You notes.
  31. Happy New Years Eve! Write your writing resolutions for 2003.
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