Brand Attributes

A Pen In Each Hand

By fmwrites

Select one of the main attributes of your writing brand. Could be “horror featuring werewolves” or “Caribbean cooking expert” or “woodworking how-to articles.” It’s your pick. Now make a list of how you might expand on that attribute, to add depth or breadth to your brand of writing.

Some examples to get you thinking:

  • Werewolves: Werewolves of the Islands; A Werewolf’s Cookbook; X-rated Werewolf Play.
  • Caribbean cooking expert: Trip through the Caribbean Market; Cooking Expert Volunteers in Mission to Feed the Poor; Goats Can Be Yummy
  • Woodworking how-to articles: The Best Tools for Large Projects; Music to Work Wood By; Puppets Puppets Puppets: The Possibilities Are Endless
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