Be Brave

A Pen In Each Hand

By fmwrites

In this month’s AB article, Resolve to Evolve as a Writer, you’re asked to look inside yourself and ask many questions, big and small. One of them is “What would you write if you weren’t afraid?” Answer that question honestly, and then write a list of story points, a summary, or an outline to get you started on this project. Don’t hold back—remember, you are allowed to dream big. But this exercise will back your dream up with an actual start on achieving it!

Does that work for you?

It literally has worked for me. An erotic tale of semi-pre-historical fiction was my “what if” and I actually included the start of this story in my Nano novel. I would have been afraid otherwise, but once I had the summary, and the “permission” inside myself, it flowed out quite nicely. I needed to actually write it out, instead of just imagining it. And now, I can’t wait to finish. 🙂

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