August 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about crossing a border.
  2. Start with “I knew we should have gone to Vegas.”
  3. Write about a flight that’s been delayed.
  4. Write about a kiss.
  5. Use these three words in a story or poem: cowards, bowling, college.
  6. Tell the story behind a photograph (in under 1000 words)
  7. Write about flying
  8. Weather permitting, write outside today
  9. Write about stealing something
  10. Write about having something stolen
  11. Write an ode to the best water you’ve ever tasted.
  12. Study a pine cone and write about your observations.
  13. Write about the sound of a new pair of corduroy pants.
  14. Write about falling.
  15. Start with “Her puppies…”
  16. Visit a monument.
  17. Write about snowcones.
  18. Write a story with prejudice as the theme.
  19. Write about a bodily function.
  20. Write a short story where day turns to night.
  21. Write about how important (or not) religion is to you.
  22. Fictionalize yourself.
  23. Write about spending a holiday away from home.
  24. Write about a party that got out of hand.
  25. Write about a product you wouldn’t hesitate to endorse.
  26. Make red moccasins the focal point of a story or poem.
  27. Describe the green turtleneck your character would buy.
  28. Write about an apple.
  29. Begin with “His blue jeans didn’t fit.”
  30. Write about a braided rug.
  31. Create a story about camping equipment.
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