August 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. The color gray is an imperfection of light, explore that imperfection.
  2. Revisit something you wrote a year ago.
  3. Write about a house from the perspective of a mouse.
  4. Write a story based on a favorite song.
  5. Be proud today! Tell everyone you are a Writer.
  6. Describe a dogs paw.
  7. Describe a cat cleaning herself.
  8. Write about the comfort of a pair of old shoes.
  9. Begin a story with the smell of death.
  10. Research the story behind your state flag.
  11. Write a character profile of a twelve year old.
  12. Describe the sound of a door opening and closing.
  13. Write an ode to rain.
  14. Write about a person who has a peculiar way of walking.
  15. Study a spider web today.
  16. Write about learning to ride a bike.
  17. Write about being lost in a crowd.
  18. Notice the eye color of everyone you talk to today.
  19. Research a market for your work in progress.
  20. Begin writing with “The sunset…”
  21. Go stargazing. Write about a constellation.
  22. Write a piece using the 10 ugliest words you can think of.
  23. Write about something hot.
  24. List your obsessions. Write about one.
  25. Write about being away from home.
  26. Write a story based on a painting you admire
  27. Write about the feel of baby oil.
  28. Write about a hunt
  29. Write about a moment when time has no meaning.
  30. Enjoy and Write about eating corn on the cob.
  31. Play day, have fun with clay today.
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