April 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Start with “How could I have been such a fool?”
  2. Use these words: ingratiating, verbose, tawdry.
  3. Write about April showers.
  4. Write about a character with an alias.
  5. Write something that takes place during spring break.
  6. Write about a “black Tuesday”
  7. Write from a dog’s point of view
  8. Take one of your existing stories and rewrite the last five paragraphs
  9. Base a story on one of your FUM answers
  10. “Saturday night’s all right for fighting…”
  11. Write about an old coin.
  12. Create a myth explaining a natural event
  13. Write about something that sparkles.
  14. Describe an underground cavern
  15. Write about something that happens during a thunderstorm
  16. Write about the scent of wet earth
  17. Start with “I knew it would be crazy…”
  18. Base a story on a dream you had recently.
  19. End a story with the line “And that’s why I never told him.”
  20. Write about a car trip.
  21. Write about buying a pair of pants.
  22. List 5 clichés; write 300 words that utilize all five.
  23. Describe division 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  24. Use these words: xylem, perpetual, syncronicity.
  25. Start with: “My mother did not tell me…”
  26. Write about a smooth pebble.
  27. Write the same scene from two different points of view.
  28. Rewrite a scene using a different tense or voice.
  29. Write about something orange.
  30. Write about magic.
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