April 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about being a fool.
  2. Write about your worst nightmare.
  3. Write about a man with a sword
  4. Begin with “She had more pimples…”
  5. Write about a woman in a hat
  6. Your narrator is under the influence of a drug
  7. Your narrator is under the influence of a person
  8. Write a birthday story without using a party setting
  9. Write a story using as many cliches as you can think of
  10. Fictionalize or parody a story from today’s news
  11. Write about an on-line buying experience.
  12. Create a new life for your favorite comic strip character.
  13. Write a dialogue between Coke and Pepsi lovers.
  14. Write about the energy you feel in spring.
  15. Begin with “Not tonight…”
  16. Put new paper in your silverware drawers.
  17. Describe the perfect birthday.
  18. Write the words to your favorite song. Now, rewrite them.
  19. Read a book in a garden or park.
  20. Tell us what it’s like to fly.
  21. Write about a train ride.
  22. Write about buying a gift.
  23. Write about a person in a non-traditional (gender-wise) occupation.
  24. Have a character rant about an overpriced, overhyped product.
  25. Use lava, metaphorically, in a story or poem.
  26. Write about a bus ride.
  27. Write an ad for your favorite restaurant.
  28. Write a fan letter to your favorite TV character
  29. Write a review of the last book you read.
  30. Play day, enjoy the shapes of clouds.
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