Toasted Cheese 7:1

Toasted Cheese 7:1 is now online.
TC 7:1 features poetry by Lyndsey Aho, flash fiction by Rebecca Nazar, fiction by Margot Miller & Charity Tran and creative non-fiction by Linda C. Wisniewski.
Also look for Dead of Winter Writing Contest winning stories by Lark Lucente, Kristi Petersen & Laura Magalas.
This issue’s “Best of the Boards” winner is Emma Steinfeld.
Congratulations to all and happy reading! As always, we encourage you to let the authors know if you enjoy their work–you’ll make their day!

Three Cheers and a Tiger Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2006 Fall Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest:
Gold: The Ships Come Tomorrow by Liz Mierzejewski
Silver: Senseless by Cindy Wilfert
Bronze: Reflections from a Former Life by Behr Valentine
Honorable Mention:
The Heartbeat by Sheela Jaywant
The Gallery by Wendy Lovato
Winning stories will be published in the December issue of Toasted Cheese.
Our next contest is Dead of Winter, which opens today.

Dead of Winter Contest Winners

And the winners of the 5th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest are:
First: “Ardennes ’44” by Joseph Noonan
Second: “The Last Time?” by Charlie Thrun
Third: “The Meeting, Short and Fleeting” by Sheela Jaywant
Winning stories will be published in the March issue of Toasted Cheese.
TC’s next contest is the spring edition of Three Cheers & a Tiger in March.

Dead of Winter Contest Winners!

Intrepid judges Baker and Billiard have made their decision, and the winners of the 4th annual DoW contest are:
First: “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie” by Barbara Bergan
Second: “Winter’s Ghost” by Robin Hillard
Third: “The Broken Spoke” by Lindsay Vaughan
Winning stories will be published in the March issue of Toasted Cheese. Each winner also received an Amazon gift certificate.
Thanks to all who entered. See you again, same time, next year!

4th annual Dead of Winter Contest!

It’s our Fourth Annual “Dead of Winter” short story contest!
“Dead of Winter” is a contest for stories with supernatural elements or themes. Ideally, stories should be set in autumn or winter. The most original, most haunting stories will be chosen for publication.
Stories submitted to this year’s “Dead of Winter” contest should follow the theme: “the house at the end of the road.”
Word limit is 3500 words.
The contest opens today, November 1, 2004 and the deadline for submission is December 21, 2004. For more details and information (where to submit, formatting your entry, prizes, etc.), visit our contest page. Any questions? Post them or e-mail the editors.
If you post anything related to your entry for feedback, please include “DOW” (or some other notation indicating it’s for the contest) in the post title so that the judges don’t read the post.
Good luck and have fun!