Dead of Winter Writing Contest Winners!

The winning stories are:

1st place: “The Perfect Gift” by Greg Osadec
2nd place: “I N V E R S I O N” by Steven Till
3rd place: “The Dangers of Living Vicariously” by Stephen Lawson

These three stories will be published in the March 2013 issue of Toasted Cheese.

Our next contest is “Three Cheers & A Tiger: Spring,” which is a 48-hour mystery contest that will take place March 22-24 this year.

Three Cheers and a Tiger Winners!

Toasted Cheese is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2012 Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest:
Gold: Alison Reeger Cook, “In the Garden Where Monsters Grow”
Silver: Eleanor Ingbretson, “Mind Over Matter”
Bronze: Mark Neyrinck, “Maybe Among the Better of Many Possible Worlds”
Thanks to all who entered. You can read the winning stories in the December issue of Toasted Cheese.
A reminder that our annual horror contest, Dead of Winter, is currently open. This year’s theme is HEART AND SOUL. Deadline for entries is December 21.

New issue of Toasted Cheese!

The March 2012 issue of Toasted Cheese features poetry by Maria Vasquez Boyd, Andrea Egert, Paul Hostovsky, Brian Price & Griggori Tyler Taylor; flash fiction by Jacqueline Doyle; fiction by Rick Bailey, Lou Gaglia, Matthew Jankiewicz, Robert Watts Lamon & Elizabeth Buechner Morris and creative non-fiction by Shaina Rafal.
TC 12:1 also includes the 2011 Dead of Winter Writing Contest winning stories by Anitha Murthy, Jake Gogats & Kristi Petersen Schoonover.
At Candle-Ends, Lisa Olson reviews Trina L. Talma’s Silver and Blood.
This issue’s Snark Zone is by Stephanie “Baker” Lenz.
Congratulations to all. Happy reading!

Dead of Winter Winners

Our 11th annual Dead of Winter short fiction contest winning stories are:
1st place: Anitha Murthy “The Red Scarf”
2nd place: (tie) Jake Gogats “Skin and Bones” and Kristi Petersen Schoonover “A Bone to Pick”
Honorable Mention: John-Michael Gariepy “Osteophthisis”
The three first and second place stories will be printed in the March issue of Toasted Cheese.
Dead of Winter 2012 opens October 1, 2012 and closes midnight ET December 22, 2011. To learn the contest theme and word count parameters, visit our contest page after 10/1/12.
Our next contest is Three Cheers and a Tiger: Spring. Can you write a mystery in 48 hours?
A special note: we had several talented young writers enter Dead of Winter 2011 and we want to encourage them — and all of our entrants — to keep writing, keep learning the craft, and treat every rejection as proof that you had the conviction to try.
See you next time!

The March 2011 issue of Toasted Cheese is here!

TC 11:1 includes poetry by Holly Burdorff, Carl Leggo & Dawn Sandahl; flash fiction by Rachel Haynes and fiction by Louis M. Abbey, Liz Baudler, Melodie Corrigall, Kimberly Klemm, Tony Press, Gina Sakalarios-Rogers, Shannon Schuren, Cody L. Stanford & S.E. White.
Also look for Dead of Winter Writing Contest winning stories by Bethany Nuckolls & Jill Quinn.
This issue’s Snark Zone is by Stephanie “Baker” Lenz.
Finally, in this issue, we introduce a new section, Candle-Ends.
Congratulations to all and happy reading!

Fall 2010 Three Cheers and a Tiger Winners!

Toasted Cheese Literary Journal is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2010 Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest:
Gold: “Moonlit Games” by Carrie Rogers
Silver: “Nightmare of Hope” by Ted Doolittle
Bronze: “Eva’s Judgement” by Tamara Eaton
Our thanks to all who entered. You can read the winning stories in the December issue of Toasted Cheese.
Toasted Cheese’s current contest is Dead of Winter, which opened October 1st and ends on December 21st. Details on all our contests can be found here.

Dead of Winter Writing Contest Winners from Toasted Cheese 10:1

“Inside Voice” by Lana Thiel

She wasn’t opposed to the bitter cold; at times she welcomed it. The icicles clinking outside of her window summoned noise to drown out the voices. The wind ricocheted against the glass begging her to allow it inside. Violet remained focused on her work, ignoring the temperamental outbursts. She was never satisfied with her accomplishments; a small mistake could cost her. Everything. She sewed quietly, weaving the needle in and out, as she rocked in the creaky wooden chair. It had been her grandma’s. Grandma Ninny, with the slanted eyebrows and crooked mouth, who said children were to be seen and not heard. Ninny, who wore pleated wool skirts that smelled like mothballs and worn shoes. Ninny, who scrubbed Violet’s hands with bleach and antiseptic when she wrote with her left.

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“The Red Blanket” by Tamara Eaton
The Pueblo—1682

In the time of the great disease she watches as one after another the people of her pueblo sicken and die of the fever from the pale-skinned ones. Her husband falls ill. The pueblo shaman performs the healing ritual, but when the chants and prayers are complete, she stares at her beloved’s lifeless body. She wrenches away from the bed pallet. On the other side of the room the baby cries. With a last look at her husband, the young mother clasps the infant in her arms, and runs across the village.

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“Whitcher Cemetery” by Erica L. Ruedas

There was a graveyard at Fort Ord.

Madge found out about it on her second night while patrolling with Ronnie, the cocky sergeant. He took her out beyond the barriers on Inter-Garrison, where only bikers, hikers, and cops and military personnel were allowed.

“See the kennels over there? The military used to keeps dogs on the base, and they’d have guys sleeping in those buildings nearby. Some of the fellas here, they say they can hear them howling at night when they drive by. I’ve never heard it, though.”

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