A Midsummer Tale Contest Winners

Toasted Cheese is pleased to announce the winners of the 2006 A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest:
1st: Debby Katz, “Dreams from the Dust Bowl”
2nd: Sheela Jaywant, “Annual Ritual; then Alone Again”
3rd: David Scott, “Theorem”
Thanks to all who entered. You can read the winning stories in the September issue of Toasted Cheese.
The 2007 A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest opens May 1, 2007. Toasted Cheese’s next contest is Three Cheers and a Tiger in September. Details on all our contests can be found here. Submissions to TC are welcome year-round.

Contest Updates!

As mentioned in the July newsletter, the 2006 A Midsummer Tale Contest is now closed and entries are being judged. Good luck to all who entered!
TC’s next contest is Three Cheers and A Tiger, our 48-hour writing contest. The fall edition of 3 Cheers is science fiction / fantasy contest. This year it will be held the weekend of September 22-24. Mark your calendars now! Boots, Ana and Macfisto will all be judging again this year.
See the CONTEST page for more details.

A Midsummer Tale Contest Winners

Toasted Cheese is pleased to announce the winners of the 2005 A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest:
1st: Melissa A. Bartell, “Crossing the Mojave”
2nd: Christina Hallis, “Missing Sunrise in Charleston”
3rd (tie): Fatima M. Noronha, “Abbey Road and Mister Maniappa” and Devon Ellington, “Dog Driving”
Honorable Mention:
Ellia Bisker, “I Talk the Talk, He Rides the Bike”
Catherine Lanser, “Make Me Laugh”
Jenny Lentz, “Are We Honest Yet?: The Trip of Truth”
Joanna Popper, “In the Back of the Bolivian Bus with My Mom”
Toriano L. Porter, “The Pride of St. Louis”
Jim Walke, “Driving Directions.”

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Spring 3 Cheers & A Tiger Contest Winners

The 2005 Spring Three Cheers & A Tiger Writing Contest challenged writers to write a mystery featuring a bird’s nest, in just 48 hours. And the winners are:
Gold: “One Ring” by Robin Hillard
Silver: “What Happened to Rocketman” by Larry Caldwell
Bronze: “The Bird’s Nest” by Melody Lindsey
Honorable Mention goes to “The Call” by Eric Nolan, for most creative use of the theme.
Winners will receive gift certificates from Amazon.com. Congratulations to all of you and kudos to all who entered.
Didn’t get around to entering this time? 3 Cheers & A Tiger runs again in September. The fall contest has a science fiction / fantasy theme.
TC’s next writing contest is A Midsummer Tale, a creative non-fiction contest. Look for contest details here later this week.

Correction to WM/NSSWM Listing

It’s come to our attention that some of the information listed for Toasted Cheese in the 2005 Writer’s Market and NSSWM is incorrect.

We run 4 contests a year: 3 Cheers (Spring) in March, A Midsummer Tale in June, 3 Cheers (Fall) in September, & Dead of Winter in December. All contest winners receive Amazon gift certificates as prizes. Please rely on our contest page for accurate, up-to-date information.

We do not accept postal mail submissions. If you wish to submit to Toasted Cheese, please follow the guidelines on our submission page.

Questions, comments, etc. should be e-mailed to the editors. See our staff page for addresses.

3 Cheers Update!

We are pleased to announce that commencing with this weekend’s rendition of Three Cheers & A Tiger, the winners will receive Amazon gift certificates, just as the winners of Dead of Winter and A Midsummer Tale do.
Thanks, Bonnets, for making this possible!
The 3 Cheers topic and length will be posted at Just the Place for a Snark on Friday at 5PM ET.

A Midsummer Tale Contest Winners

The winners of the 2004 A Midsummer Tale Contest are:
1st – Every Single Thing Matters by Loretta Mestishen
2ndOn: Frozen Foods, Fresh Produce and Young Love by Katherine Vondy
3rdR.A. by Richard C. Harrison

Honorable Mentions go to Sandra Coker for Roadhouse Soda and Laurie Seidler for The Change.

Congratulations to all of you. Look for the winning stories in the September issue of Toasted Cheese.