[repost] 13th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest

The 13th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest is OPEN!

Dead of Winter is a horror fiction contest. This year’s theme is: IT’S NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE.

Deadline for entries is December 21. Get the details here.

Questions? Feel free to ask them here or at the forums.

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5 thoughts on “[repost] 13th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest

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  2. I do not have twitter, so I can not ask questions in that format. So, I will ask my question here and hope someone sees. 🙂 In our DoW stories, can we have italics in the text? For example, if my character has a thought, could I use italics for that thought? Or is that not appropriate for this type of writing? Thank you to all who reply. 🙂

  3. I so much wish to enter the “Dead of Winter” contest but I do not know how to e-mail my entry, can you help me? PS: I am not that computer literate….thank you

    • Hi Tony. Please note that the 2013 Dead of Winter contest is closed. The 2014 contest will open October 1.

      Contest entries must be sent to the specific address set up for each contest. These change annually, so be sure to read the guidelines and send your entry to the correct address.

      Entries must be pasted directly into your email. (Here’s a post that explains how to copy and paste, if you’re not sure how to do that.) Attachments will not be read.

      Hope this helps.

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