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Conundrums to Guess

TC: Describe yourself (or your site) in five single words.

AS: Hmm…random, deep, angsty, funny, true. Describing all the pieces so far on the site. I’m funny, my friend is angsty, and anyone else who writes for us is deep.

TC: Tell us about your first website.

AS: I still have it! It’s a Gundam Wing website, with a fanfic and pictures on it. I host it with the same friend. It hasn’t been updated in months.

TC: What’s the last word or phrase you did a search on?

AS: “hedgehogs” My friend (different friend) and I saw a picture of the cutest little baby hedgehog, and now we want one. They’re so adorable! I want to get one and name it Peter.

TC: Do you hand-code your pages or use a program?

AS: I started out hand-coding the site. That was when it was being hosted for free at Then they deleted my site, so we bought a site, and I had to start from scratch. So I used Macromedia Dreamweaver, but it was trial version, so when the trial was up, I used Microsoft Front Page. By the way, I don’t recommend that program. It’s confusing, and doesn’t work right. It kept changing my text and wouldn’t change it back. Then I ::ahem:: got my hands on a…pirated copy of Dreamweaver ::looks around guiltily::, and I’ve been using that. Hey! I’m a starving college student! I can’t afford that program!

TC: What’s your favorite form of potato?

AS: Mashed, with the ranch stuff in it. And for some reason, I don’t like baked.

TC: Describe the perfect pizza.

AS: Pizza Hut cheese pizza. But not the kind the school serves. The last one I had tasted like paint. Which causes me to worry a bit.

TC: Name your poison.

AS: Uh, caffeine? Or do you mean, like arsenic? I don’t know, I hated chemistry. Something fast. That would put me to sleep first.

TC: What’s the last creative writing you’ve done?

AS: I started writing a story inspired by the lines “Cause the players tried to take the field but the marching band refuse to yield” from American Pie. I was sorta part of the marching band in high school, and I thought it would make a funny story.

TC: What are three essential things in your writing space?

AS: A black gel pen. My notebook. And some form of music. All right, something to eat, too. Arrgh, that’s 4, though. Well, that’s what I’d have to have!

TC: Tell us about one of the first things you remember writing.

AS: A poem about fall. I managed to rhyme orange with storage. I wrote it in the 7th grade. My grandmother still has it. I hate it.

TC: Who was the first person to encourage your writing?

AS: My grandmother. After she read the aforementioned poem. I wrote one other, started a story about a cat, lost the story, and put it down until about sophomore year.

TC: Describe your current mood in one word.

AS: ::blank:: Hey, I just got up for an 8 AM class, wrote a 3½ page essay in 1 hour and 45 minutes, and I haven’t eaten yet.

TC: What one thing is guaranteed to make you laugh?

AS: Friends! (the show, not MY friends, though they make me laugh, too)

TC: What was the greatest invention of the 20th century?

AS: You want me to pick *one*? The internet. It helps me procrastinate. Long live procrastination!

TC: What is your favorite word? What is your least favorite word?

AS: Ooh, I had one about 2 weeks ago, and I forgot it. But I noticed that, if you say a word for awhile, it starts to sound really weird. And I had a friend who didn’t like the word “gouge.” Squirmed every time we said it. I don’t think I have a favorite or a least favorite word. I like saying words that are sort of hard to pronounce, but I can pronounce them. My friend said I like the word “hi”, because I say it a lot.

TC: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? What turns you off?

AS: Creatively, reading about writing. I just read Writer’s Digest last night, and I feel creative, even though I’m not. Spiritually? Kind of hard to describe. Emotionally? That one’s hard too. What turns me off… I can’t think of a specific thing. Bad fan fiction turns me on creatively. I can write better than that! Sometimes, reading a certain book does. Some literary fiction does.

TC: What is your favorite curse word?

AS: I don’t curse very often, but I would think “shit.” At least, that’s what I said when someone backed into my brand-new, three week old car. And I said it again when she blamed it on me, insisted on calling the police, and I realized I forgot my license. Thank God my father is a cop!

TC: What sound or noise do you love? What sound or noise do you hate?

AS: Hmm, I don’t like the sound of my roommate on the phone at two o’clock in the morning. Buzzing. Like, bee or fly buzzing. Or really loud noises. Sounds I like? Sometimes, I like the way people talk. It’s very pleasing to the ear. I like the sound of stand-up comedy, too. I like the sound of the old Gameboy Super Mario. The music is satisfying, in a way.

TC: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? What profession would you not like to do?

AS: I currently don’t have a profession. But if I did, I would be a journalist. And I would attempt to…be an English teacher for juniors and seniors at my old high school. Maybe a web designer, too. What wouldn’t I do? Teach little kids. Or be a sanitation worker.

TC: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

AS: Hmm…Hi. And a big hug.

TC: Where do you call home? Are you there now, and if not, where are you?

AS: I am currently homeless (not literally). My parents are in the process of a divorce and finding a new place to live, so I consider myself homeless. I think I really consider the Monterey Peninsula to be home, though.

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