My Writing Space: Vanessa Ricci-Thode

“My Writing Space” is a series about writers and the places in which they write. To contribute, send a photo of your writing space along with a paragraph or two describing it and its influence on your writing to beaver[at] with the subject line “My Writing Space.”


I can write just about anywhere, but I prefer to do it at home, either on the deck or in my office. The room I now use as my office was the first room I really saw when first viewing the home we now live in, and I knew it would be our house and this room would be mine the instant I saw it. It started with the fireplace, which is painted white, with lovely blue and white tiles and intricate moulding on the hearth and mantel. The gas fireplace insert is a simple iron design. There is crown moulding and the walls are sometimes blue and sometimes purple, depending on the light.

My desk faces our front garden, where I’ve planted my favourite flowers under a large maple full of character. I do most of my writing on my laptop while sitting in my oversized recliner, which is nestled between the desk and one of my bookshelves. This room doubles as my library and the shelves that aren’t spilling over with books are cluttered with plants, candles, photos of loved ones and figurines of fantasy creatures—dragons, unicorns, fairies and even a wizard or two. I’ve filled the room with my favourite things and it’s where I feel most comfortable and inspired. The only thing I would change is the layout so that I had more room for bookshelves.

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1 thought on “My Writing Space: Vanessa Ricci-Thode

  1. Yeah, I’m one of those “I can write just about anywhere” kind of people, too. But maybe not so much any more. There may be something to be said for having a specific space. These days “writing just about anywhere” really means being distracted from writing just about anywhere. I like the space at the end of the room. The desk by the window and the nice view outside. The comfy chair. Must find a place like this.

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