My Writing Space: Adam Prizio

“My Writing Space” is a series about writers and the places in which they write. To contribute, send a photo of your writing space along with a paragraph or two describing it and its influence on your writing to beaver[at] with the subject line “My Writing Space.”


My writing space is an oaken standing desk that I built for myself over the holidays. It stands at the end of our narrow bedroom, where I can see the snowy side yard.

I do my best thinking, and my best writing, standing up, and before I built this desk I’d write at the kitchen table, pacing to think of the words and hunching over the back of my chair to get them down. I switch between standing and sitting at the stool whenever I feel fatigue, but writing standing up is the way to go for me.

Our apartment is chilly, which somehow befits an unemployed writer in winter, but the radiator beside the desk breaks the chill enough that I can think to work and my fingers don’t freeze. The mug beside the desk is filled with tea or, more rarely, coffee. On the radiator, a bowl of Lego that I use to help me think-without-thinking and undo the logjams.

I’m a big believer in changing your physical activities in order to get unstuck. I’ll switch to pen and paper if I can’t type my way free: the body of the desk is filled with journals half-written. I go back to where it’s still good and rewrite in pen until I see the problem or have written past it. I’m a big believer in accomplishing small tasks to silence the internal editor—build this thing out of Lego. There, now suddenly you have an idea how to proceed. Where did that come from?

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