Sunday Writing Chat

The Toasted Cheese Sunday Writing Chat is hosted by Broker at Chats are held every Sunday at 3PM Eastern Time / 12PM Pacific. Not in North America? Convert to your time zone.

You can use an IRC program (or client) on your computer to connect to the chat.

To connect to the chat using your own IRC client:

  1. Download and install an IRC client, if you do not already have one.The SlashNET page linked above lists some popular clients. Some instant messaging programs such as Pidgin or Trillian also support IRC. If you have never used IRC before, you can find information and advice at
  2. Connect to one of the SlashNET servers. On most clients the command looks like this:/server
  3. Join the writing channel. On most clients the command looks like this:/join #writing
  4. If you want to change your chat name, use the /nick command followed by the name you want to use. For example, typing /nick tc-writer will change your chat name to “tc-writer”.
  5. To log out at the end of the chat, type /quit.

If you do not want to install a special program to participate in the chat, there are some Web sites that have built-in clients.

To connect to the chat over the Web:

  1. Open up in your browser.
  2. Press the red “Try Me” button.
  3. In the lower left corner press “add network”.
  4. Fill in the form as follows:
    Nickname the name you want to use for the chat
    Port 6667
    Password leave blank
  5. Click Connect. The chat opens (it may take a few moments).
  6. Type

    /join #writing

  7. To log out at the end of the chat, type /quit then close the window.

Another clients can be found by searching for “irc client“. You can connect to the chat without downloading the program by scrolling down to the section called “Applet Version.” Enter for the server and #writing for the channel, then click Connect. It will open up some new windows. When the chatroom window comes up, type /nick name-you-want-to-use and you should be good to go.

If you need assistance, contact Broker.

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