November 2018
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about improvising when you haven’t done your homework.
  2. Use these 5 words: quality, recoil, cellular, marginal, electron.
  3. Use the phrase, “What is wrong with us?”
  4. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: string, bride, dictionary, happen, enlarge.
    2. Write about being surprised by one’s own feelings.
    3. Fill in the blank: “He/she is very ________, for one thing.”
  5. “Isn’t that usually out by now?”
  6. Start with this line of dialogue: “It’s not something we’ve seen before.”
  7. Watching a friend fall for the wrong person.
  8. Your antagonist is a fourth grade math teacher.
  9. Write about approaching burnout.
  10. Use the following phrase: little girls who want to grow up to be president
  11. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  12. Write about what makes a marriage last.
  13. Write about an interrupted meditation.
  14. Start with this line of dialogue: “This is going to be great!”
  15. “Wait, what year is it again?”
  16. Use these 5 words: worried, grade, entertaining, spill, mend.
  17. Dreading tomorrow for no obvious reason.
  18. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  19. Clumsy-fingered typing accidents
  20. Use these 5 words: trauma, take, stain, mouthwatering, unbeatable.
  21. Being called for supper at an awkward moment.
  22. Use these 5 words: mote, substantial, woozy, nomenclature, thrall.
  23. Write about someone who hates being photographed.
  24. Write about puppy therapy.
  25. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  26. Start with this line of dialogue: “The neighbor’s daughter ran over my cat.”
  27. “How many colors are there in this rainbow?”
  28. Write about a sanctuary.
  29. Fill in: “If life gives you ______, make _____”
  30. Include a character named Zaina Velasquez.
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