May 2018
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. “Mayday! Mayday!”
  2. Start with this line of dialogue: “Look no further!”
  3. “There will be a price to pay.”
  4. Write about sharing war stories.
  5. “Be quiet, both of you, and work together.”
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  7. “It’s chilly in the cave.”
  8. Use the following phrase: thunderbolts and lightning
  9. Write about using the wind to advantage.
  10. Use the following phrase: already has my heart
  11. A new building, without windows.
  12. Your protagonist is named Prashansa Iyer.
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  14. Use the following phrase: a monarchy with racist baggage
  15. Write about a character who’s illiterate.
  16. Your protagonist is a criminal.
  17. Alone, after the memorial service.
  18. Use these 5 words: repent, colleague, siphon, weeping willow, wholesale.
  19. Use the phrase “Let me handle this.”
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  21. An unfortunate anniversary.
  22. Use these 5 words: keelhaul, vigorous, uncivilized, topnotch, avatar.
  23. “Stay tuned, you’ll see.”
  24. Your antagonist is a sailboat captain.
  25. Write about a poor translation.
  26. Use the following phrase: as far as Mars–and beyond
  27. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  28. Use these 5 words: popcorn, voyage, dashing, mature, symptomatic.
  29. Write a ten-minute play.
  30. Start with this line of dialogue: “You may know her from…”
  31. “Last person out, please turn out the lights.”
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