January 2018
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write out a set of writing goals for 2018
  2. Use the following phrase: secret door-locking button
  3. Write about a confusing user interface
  4. Start with this line of dialogue: “_____ has been fired.”
  5. Write about going through the checkbook, writing “2018” in the date blanks.
  6. Your protagonist is a historian.
  7. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  8. Use these 5 words: synonymous, force, acidic, heat, joke.
  9. Use the phrase, “It’s twice as hot as it was!”
  10. Use these 5 words: furry, awake, lumber, vagabond, nappy.
  11. Write about unfamiliar aches and pains.
  12. Write about asking for a pardon.
  13. “Friday the 13th is a Saturday.”
  14. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: cast, twelve, bauble, bomber, absurdly.
    2. Write about working on a holiday.
    3. Write about mirthless laughter.
  15. Write about an extra day in solitude.
  16. Write about what you’re grateful for.
  17. “If I talk about that, everyone will think…”
  18. Use these 5 words: Ursa Major, arbitrary, snag, knock out, wizardry.
  19. Use the phrase, “Hurry, it’s cold outside.”
  20. Include a character named Bao-Yu Liu.
  21. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: enter, cosmetic, gigantic, collectible, condo.
    2. Write about fixing things around the house.
    3. Use the phrase “OK, we went to the pub.”
  22. Start with this line of dialogue: “Millions could die.”
  23. Write about losing your glasses.
  24. Use the following phrase: found not guilty of murder
  25. Use the phrase, “Only 31 shopping days since Christmas!”
  26. Use the following phrase: a North Pole postmark
  27. Write about watching someone settle down for sleep.
  28. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: beat, suntan, verdict, swell, fish.
    2. Write about something misfiled or miscategorized.
    3. Use the phrase “So say we all.”
  29. “Was there a deadline I missed?”
  30. Write about robots.
  31. Use the phrase, “We have another lamp.”
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