December 2016
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. And so it begins…
  2. Use these 5 words: emptiness, train, artfully, exposure, stone.
  3. Streetlights on in the daytime
  4. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  5. Note-to-self doesn’t match memory
  6. Start with: “Who is _____ going to kill?”
  7. People on the other side are happy about this.
  8. Include a Supreme Court case in your story.
  9. Holding a contradiction
  10. Use these 5 words: cheats, jealous, riches, stalking, pied-a-terre.
  11. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  12. Start with: “It’s good to see you here.”
  13. “Am I going to regret this?”
  14. Include a meteor shower in your story.
  15. “I used to be able to do this without thinking.”
  16. Use these 5 words: workout, yurt, cliche, veneer, slower.
  17. Rituals for someone else’s holiday
  18. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  19. “I am not your metaphor.”
  20. Start with: “Our diversity is our strength.”
  21. Things to do on the longest night of the year
  22. Write about a chimpanzee smoking a cigarette.
  23. A creatively named pub or bar
  24. Use these 5 words: jellyfish, never, inventive, curated, illustration.
  25. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  26. Start with: “I’m not expecting to ever be recognized.”
  27. “Two days retired, and you’re bored.”
  28. Write about a boot camp.
  29. “I can’t read the label on the bottle.”
  30. Write a story inspired by the first photo you see after reading this prompt.
  31. Merriment makes a character sadder
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