May 2014
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Read something amazing? Tell the writer how much you liked it.
  2. An unconventional garment
  3. Write about the discovery of a new species of animal.
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    1. Use the following words: sudden, calculating, discovery, date, acrobatics.
    2. Your characters consult a map.
    3. Something is stolen or goes missing.
  5. Describe an object without using visual description.
  6. Write about road rage
  7. Write an old-school letter, on paper. Mail it!
  8. Cat swishing tail while looking at birds
  9. Create your own quiz: write the questions + answer choices.
  10. Write about skipping an important step
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  12. Figuring out how old something is.
  13. Write about staying up all night to meet a deadline.
  14. “How could you possibly know all that?”
  15. Take a photo of the shelf where your books would be in a bookstore/library.
  16. A character tries to hide how sad he/she is.
  17. Write a story orally (record yourself), then transcribe + edit it.
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    1. Use the following words: began, observe, poems, traffic, moaning.
    2. bob: Have a character say, “It is thanks to [fill in the blank] that I am more or less sane.”
    3. ana: Use the phrase “I don’t know what I want.”
    4. Sue: Write about a smear of butter.
    5. bo: Title: “If I were you, I’d love me.”
    6. Kellska: Write about going back to a place you’ve been before.
  19. Rewrite a favorite story changing the gender of all the characters.
  20. Answer a rhetorical question.
  21. Sit somewhere you can people-watch + make notes on potential characters.
  22. “We need you now.”
  23. I discovered my dad’s secret _______.
  24. Describe a lazy day at home.
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    1. Use the following five words: young, midnight, knees, polished, treacherous.
    2. Describe the feeling of hands in the soil.
    3. Use the phrase, “Once a season, whether we need it or not.”
  26. What do May flowers bring?
  27. Start a list of weird ways to kill off your characters.
  28. Your character thinks up a new password.
  29. An unexpected package arrives. What’s in it?
  30. “How long since we changed the oil?”
  31. Use these 5 words: convicted, tornadoes, binge, scandal, code.
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