Five Exercises

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. Write a sex scene between two people. Be as explicit as you’re comfortable with. Pay particular attention to details and don’t be shy about language. Alternately, write a poem set during a sexual experience.
  2. Write an ordinary scene but write it in an erotic and sensual manner. For example: a woman eating an ice cream cone, a man browsing fruit at the market, a couple driving in a car or riding a train. Think of themes like desire, exploration and satisfaction.
  3. One of the most popular underground publications in Victorian England was an erotic newsletter called The Pearl (available in bound form under author “Anonymous”). The Story of O was published anonymously in the 1950s with the author’s pseudonym attached 40 years later. Write an erotic story, poem or scene set in one of these time periods. Note how your characters dress, speak and act differently than they would in a contemporary piece. If you like, rewrite the scene as set in modern times, maybe mixing up the sexes of the people (or person) involved.
  4. Research erotica markets and read online journals to get familiar with the genre. Alternately you can check out erotica and other erotic literature at the library, borrow the books from friends or pick up inexpensive second-hand copies.
  5. If you’re feeling bold, browse an adult toy website and write a story or poem based on something you find there (or on any object you like if you don’t want to visit the 18+ sites). Clean Sheets has advertisers that can inspire your story or poem.
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