October 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a person remembering a dream.
  2. Begin with “It changed…”
  3. Write about a child running.
  4. Begin with “My only choice is to leave”
  5. Allow what is on your floor to begin your story.
  6. Learn about writers events in your area
  7. Imitate a favorite writer’s style
  8. Research contests and vow to write for one
  9. Rename your character and note changes in him/her
  10. Write standing up
  11. Write about an etched glass goblet.
  12. Start with “Where did you get this sea shell?”
  13. Write about water.
  14. Explore the word transgression.
  15. Write about crossing a boundary.
  16. Make a list of all the pets you have ever had.
  17. Color in a coloring book.
  18. Take a pencil and pad with you everywhere today.
  19. Describe your perfect mate.
  20. Describe your favorite childhood toy.
  21. Take a stab at slash fiction.
  22. Write a poem in 10 words or less.
  23. Write about obtaining an autograph.
  24. Write a story where two characters are common-law married.
  25. Include a naked person in a story.
  26. Write about two brothers.
  27. Write about a hypochondriac.
  28. Valerie and Michel; write their story.
  29. Start with “I groaned with satisfaction.”
  30. Proudly proclaim “I am a writer” today.
  31. Begin with “The streets lights just came on…”
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